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Holistic Health
and Wellness Coaching

Health and wellness coaching focuses on lifestyle transformation and health promotion to improve overall wellbeing.

I work with anyone who is ready to grow and transform their life by making improvements in their physical, mental, and emotional health. 


I also work with individuals with chronic health conditions who need support and assistance with following health care protocols prescribed by their physician or health care practitioner to improve their health outcomes and quality of life.

Dana Colson


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Certified Consulting Hypnotist
Meet Your Coach

Welcome!  My name is Dana, and I am a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Certified Consulting Hypnotist.   In addition to having a variety of traditional nursing experience, mainly focused on behavioral health, I have spent almost two decades working in a Clinic in collaboration with Naturopathic Physicians, providing education and holistic services to address a variety of health conditions.  I have over twenty years’ experience as a fitness instructor and personal trainer.  I have used hypnosis in my practice as an adjunctive therapeutic tool for patients with medical conditions as well as a support for clients making personal lifestyle and habit changes.

Certified Consulting Hypnotist

I guide my clients into a hypnotic state while assisting them to use their own mind and thoughts to manage emotional distress, break old habits and behavior, learn new skills, and enhance creativity and motivation. Self-hypnosis is a skill that anyone can learn to utilize for themselves to become more self-empowered using similar techniques for any area of their life they wish to enhance or change.  

Reiki Practitioner

As a Reiki Certified Practitioner I have an understanding of the human energy field and use that knowledge to broaden my understanding and approach to health and healing. I do not currently offer Reiki sessions to clients.

Health and Wellness Coaching

My holistic background allows for a more comprehensive approach to my health and wellness coaching. Together we define your health or wellness goals and co-create strategies and achievable action steps that will empower you to integrate new healthy habits into your lifestyle.  


Whether you are looking to achieve a personal wellness goal, learn how to meet your emotional needs in healthy ways, or need assistance in healing from or living with a chronic medical condition, I can help and encourage you to take control over your health outcomes by providing education, behavior modification tools, and emotional support.  

Aerobic Instructor and Personal Trainer 

As a fitness instructor and personal trainer, with a minor in Sports Medicine, I have spent over 20 years teaching and guiding clients and gym members into greater states of health and well being. I use this experience to enhance client sessions pertaining to weight loss, smoking cessation, motivation, and personal goal setting.

Personal fitness consulting may be added as a part of your coaching sessions if desired.

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