My Approach

       Prior to the initial session,  a questionnaire will be provided as a way for you to impart important current and historical data.  Your strengths and past successes will be evaluated to help gain a holistic assessment of the problem issue or goals to be addressed.  You will be assisted to get to the root cause of what might be interfering with obtaining results you desire, and possible unmet emotional needs will be explored.  It is highly recommended that you have a strong desire and readiness to free yourself from the issue at hand and are willing to participate fully in the process.  My target audience is in the adult age group of 18 years old and older.


     A team approach is utilized where we work together to achieve your identified goals.  At some point during the therapy you will be taught the skill of self-hypnosis which will assist you in between sessions.  There are a huge range of everyday issues that you can learn to help yourself with through self-hypnosis.


      My unique approach aims to empower you to access your own resources and belief in your own personal power to solve personal problems.  I offer support along your  journey of self-healing and self-awareness. By providing you with the tools and insights to build self-confidence, you can take control of your life, which is an empowering thing indeed!​​​

What a Session Looks Like

  • Prior to the initial session, you will receive a free 15 min phone consult to answer any questions and discuss your goals for the hypnotic therapy.

  • A  review of the client questionnaire and a primal human needs survey to thoroughly assess your needs will be conducted.

  • A 20 minute relaxation/hypnotic induction session will be performed with individualized self-affirmations.  This is to provide you an experience of what it feels like to be in a relaxed, hypnotic state to prime you for future sessions and deeper work.

  • Subsequent appointments include a hypnotic session to address your issue of concern or goal(s).  Additional therapeutic tools will be reviewed and given to you to use in between sessions.

  •  Fee for services will be discussed with you prior to your initial session.