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Yoga Class

•No pills                                  

•No surgery                             

•Super-safe, super-effective                                                                 

Contact Dana at Healing Through Hypnosis for your Free 15-minute consultation

203-706-8378 or

•No shots

•No drastic diet

•A simple solution to long-lasting weight loss

Four 90-minute weekly sessions: $349

Hypnosis for Weight Loss Program

Citrus Fruits
  • Create SMART goal

  • Identify Limiting Beliefs and Create Five New Positive Weight Loss Beliefs

  • Hypnosis Session: Weight Loss Motivation, Healthy Habits, Goal Setting

  • Reinforcement Exercises

  • Weight Loss MP3

Session #1

  • Incorporating Exercise

  • Exercise Planning and Tracking

  • Setting Goals

  • Hypnosis Session : Exercise Motivation

  • Reinforcement Exercises

  • Exercise Motivation MP3

Session #3

Session #2

  • Mindful Eating

  • Create list of Healthy Alternatives to Eating

  • Meal Planning and Creating Healthy Plate

  • Hypnosis Session: Eliminate Limiting Beliefs, Implant New Core Beliefs, and Emotional Eating Control

  • Reinforcement Exercises

  • Monitoring Healthy Eating

  • Monitoring Fitness Progression

  • Problem Resolution

  • Reinforcement of Program Elements

  • Hypnosis Session: Weight Loss Reinforcement, Self-Love, Confidence

  • Teach Self-Hypnosis 

Session #4

  • Download and complete weight loss questionnaire

  • Download and complete waivers 

  • Send completed forms a minimum of 24 hours prior to first session

  • All required forms can be found in the Resources Section on the website

  • Full payment for program required prior to initial session

  • Accepted forms of payment: PayPal, Credit Card.  Sessions conducted via Zoom

To Get Started

What you'll

  • Support via email in-between sessions

  • MP3 Hypnosis audio for daily use in between sessions

  • Multiple worksheets to assist you in completing reinforcement exercises and educational documents for your reference and ongoing support

  • Education and instruction on how to perform self-hypnosis at home

Tips from your Weight Loss Nurse

Yoga Mats

What is Hypnosis? What Can it do for You?

To learn more about what hypnosis is and what it can do for you, please refer to the PDF document located in the Resources Section on my website!

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